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About Us


We hope this answers just some of your questions we are asked:

The Rolling Badges LE MC is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club whose members consist of current Law Enforcement, retired Law Enforcement, Firefighters, first responders, active and retired Military and a very select few like-minded citizens who believe in our core values and mission statement. 
Here is where we differ from other clubs: We are one of the very few who allow female police officers as full members. We are extremely proud that we have a few in our organization now. One is a Philadelphia Police officer and has seen and done more as a police officer than most suburban small department officers on duty. So we will never discriminate because of sex, race, religion etc. When founded it was believed that if a female police officer can protect our family, save our bacon on the street as a partner she certainly can ride a motorcycle in this club. We be told we are NOT an LE MC solely because we take female officers who in our eyes are BLUE, not male or female! BLUE LIVES MATTER

Therefore, if we as an LE club are only comprised of males we believe we do not fully represent fairly the words LE part of our name. The Rolling Badges LE MC stands strong with the LE part of the name. This was asked of us and we are only explaining our principles and reasons why we believe in this policy.

Yes, you have to pass a background check and a probationary period to make certain we are a fit for you and you are a fit for us.
Yes, you have to pay dues and have use of all facilities personally for your family. After Covid -19 issues we will fully open the building.
This is your club and we are One Club-One Mind- One Family.
Yes, your wife, husband and children are allowed to attend meetings. There is nothing so secretive that we cannot be a family.
Are we a fit for everyone. NO! Members have quit and have been removed. We do not tolerate disharmony and drama as we are one family.

Yes, we have by-laws we follow and we are a fully insured New Jersey corporation.

Yes, we allow other chapters in other states if you abide by our core values and by-laws.

Finally, yes we have our very own beer made by the award winning Westville Brewery called Badge’s Brew. It is dedicated to all who wear or wore a badge and our military. 

We hope this answers just some of your questions.

So many questions have flourished the last few weeks from our activities, who we are, what we are and what we do and our great facilities.  We are blessed we do not have to meet in public nor use someone else’s location. Our member come and go 24/7 as they please.

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